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Chronicles of An Eccentric puppet master:chapter one intro

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Chronicles of An Eccentric puppet master:chapter one intro

Post by DollqueenAnise on Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:42 pm

From the land of Moonbay palace; an private kingdom far from the homebase earth. It has a giant moon behind a floating land piece. The aura surrounding the moon(selena) is the protection of it's great nocturnal power. Most likely, this and is only met for the creatures of the nocturnal who obeys the great moon as their god. The supernatural creatures of the nocturnal are vampires,werewolves,demons, monsters, and other wicked creatures but according to the universe they all should be treated equally like humans. However the supernatural creatures aren't the only ones who are nocturnal. Humans and animals can be as well depending on the type of domestic creature or habitat they can be.


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