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Notebook cafe: Rules and Usages

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Notebook cafe: Rules and Usages

Post by DollqueenAnise on Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:07 am

Hello everyone, this is DollhouseAnise known as the site's admin, reminding everything about the acceptance of this forum. As for formatting a story to the "Notebook cafe" forum, you must format the forum correctly otherwise your forum will be deleted and recommend to start over.

When you write a story forum please use labels to help oraginize your post. The labels are determined ALL by the type of story like for example

Fanfic: Written stories based on the user's favorite show,game, anime

OriFic: Stories that are written by original fiction writers. NO copyrighted characters or plots. It depends on your own creativity


NonFics: nonfiction, stories about your real life. It can be about events that you went, love story, things that you achieved, etc. but it can't be about politics like racism, feminism, you got that right? nothing too controversial. Just keep it simple. okay.

lyrics: creative original lyrics, you may post copyrighted lyrics but YOU MUST give out credit by putting the linked lyrics on your posted. But you may not plagiarize(twist) them or else the posted will be removed.

to add a story genre like romance, action, adventure is optional :3

alright now that i wrote the type of literacy now to demonstrate the postings.  

title:(on top of the page) my first date

storytype: Nonfiction

genre: romantic/love


there. see it wasn't so hard, just the only important thing is to put out the story type and that's all.


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